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This is the commercial I created in 48 hours for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur. It played before each runway show, and on video walls throughout the venue.


Branding Case Study: Amobee

Amobee Logo

The [a•mo•bee] logo had to span print, digital, social, and mobile channels. It also had to give viewers clues as to how to correctly pronounce the company name, and refer to the company's messaging as the "company defining mobile advertising."

Create a recognizable logo and corresponding icon that could be be for...

Traditional channels: print advertising, billboards, postcards

Digital channels: websites, social icons, presentations, .ico files, computer desktop icons, augmented reality trigger images, could be sent via email without requiring it to be an attachment.

Mobile channels: a mobile phone icon and web shortcut, could be sent as a text message



Mobile UX

Amobee [Ad] Showcase Mobile App

Android, iPhone and iPad mobile app to demonstrate the 3D mobile ads offered by the company.


AIPARC - February, 2017

Sansa Advisors - November, 2016

Work for Fun - November, 2014

WittyParrot - May 2013, design only

[a•mo•bee] corporate website - 2011. Corporate website identity, logo, and mobile branding.

Grand Prairie Convention Bureau - October 2010, October 2008, October 2006

Azingo corporate website - December 2008 - This was a complete overhaul of the corporate identity

SpikeSource corporate website - August, 2008 - design only

Saba Software - March, 2007

Fuller Thaler website - December, 2006

Pillar Data Systems corporate website - August, 2006

CRMOnDemand.com - 2003

Siebel.com Rebranding - October, 2004 - for an idea of what this looked like, use the wayback machine

Anthony Buzak Furniture - September, 2004

Farbest Brands - September, 2004

Renegades Nightclub - August, 2003

Siebel-Microsoft.com - October, 2002

Siebel User Week - June, 2002

Web of Culture - September, 2001

Siebel-Compaq.com - later rebranded as Siebel-HP.com, November, 2000

Mancini's Sleepworld - June, 2000

Siebel Systems - March, 2000 - October, 2004

The Otter Project - January, 2000

The 641 Club - September, 1999

Meridian Global Resources - July, 1999

JETRO San Francisco - July 1999- original design

KillerRobot - June 1999

shopnovell - May, 1999

Novell Global Partner Summit 1999 - January, 1999

Novell Corporate Partnerships - May, 1999

Sony New Technologies - 1997, division dissolved

PC Financial Network MagicBroker - 1996, division dissolved

All American Loan Services - July, 1996

The Paper - June, 1996


Pro Bono Work

San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band - 2011 to the present

Billy DeFrank LGBT Center - March, 2003

Webguild of Silicon Valley - 1998

Monterey County AIDS Project - 1996


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