Marketing services for technology companies

Digital Marketing

The scalable way to reach more customers at the lowest cost, provide the best customer experience, and convert them into fans so that they come back again and again.


Smart, differentiated branding with a great customer experience at its core


The single most used sales tool and the key to consistent + effective communications


Digital marketing includes mobile and desktop advertising, analytics, user experience and more.

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Wes Kashiwagi lives and works in San Jose, California.

Digital Marketing

  • 15+ years experience in digital marketing
  • CRM requirements gathering and management
  • Analytics
  • Multi-channel advertising
  • SEM, SEO


  • 9+ years experience in branding
  • Positioning and corporate identity
  • Sales presentations
  • Print collateral
  • Emails and landing pages


  • 7+ years in mobile
  • Mobile UX and UI
  • Mobile app design
  • Mobile adverising
  • Mobile websites

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